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A good webpage reads well for search engines as well as people, so that writers like me aren’t writing things that nobody will be able to find in the first place.

Placed hand-in-hand with a good IA, webpages optimised for search help generate the maximum traffic for your website. For a free SEO-content analysis of your website, contact me.

Case study: the Royal Free Hospital

From May to July 2014 I worked for an agency on behalf of the Royal Free Hospital, part of the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Royal Free Hospital website
An example of an search engine optimised page from the website.

The project goal was to merge the websites of three different London hospitals, rewriting the resulting website’s content to reflect the facilities and expertise available across the three sites.

I was hired to write this copy based on search engine optimisation (SEO) keyword research – which I performed – so that patients in London, the surrounding area an the rest of the UK could find the Royal Free Hospital through searches on their particular queries.

The results were a success

For a range of key services, The Royal Free website currently ranks highly in Google search results.

At the time of writing (28.04.17), in a highly competitive ‘market’, it is 3rd for ‘Book a blood test’, 6th for ‘A and E near me’ and likely ranking for a number of other terms besides.

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