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My work covers many areas but all of them are linked. In many cases projects I’ve worked on have encompassed multiple tasks.

To really make the most of my expertise, I’d recommend hiring me to look at your whole content strategy. But of course, I would say that.

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My work

Below you’ll find samples of my work, from music journalism to copywriting.

Claude Simon – The Flanders Road (The Literateur, 2011)

Published in March 2010. 

Son Lux – We Are Rising (The 405, 2011)

Published in August 2011. 

Seams – Don’t Panic, 2011

Conducted in August 2011.

Alan Howarth – The 405, 2011

Conducted in September 2011.

Banner Magazine issue 1 cover

Editing: Banner issue #1

Published in September 2011.

Yuri Landman – Don’t Panic, 20122

Conducted in October 2011.

Patric DeWitt – The Sisters Brothers (The Literateur, 2011)

Published in November 2011. 

Lambchop – Mr M (The Quietus, 2012)

Published in February 2012. 

Cypress Hill – The 405, 2012

Conducted in March 2012.

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo – The Quietus, 2012

Conducted in March 2012.

Clark – Iradelphic (The Quietus, 2012)

Published in April 2012. 

Tinariwen – Don’t Panic, 2012

Conducted in April 2012.

Banner Magazine issue 2 cover

Banner issue #2

Published in June 2012.

Ex-Easter Island Head – The 405, 2012

Conducted in September 2012.

Ex-Easter Island Head – VICE, 2013

Conducted in December 2013.

Jonny Greenwood – The Quietus, 2014

Conducted in February 2014.

Sound for Fuselit’s ‘Contraption’

Published in the spring of 2012. 

A national report on UK education

Work completed from July – December 2013.

Writing on educational reforms

Published in April 2014.

Royal Free Hospital website

Relaunching the Royal Free Hospital

Work completed from May to July 2014. 

Jonny Greenwood and the LCO – Boiler Room, 2014

Conducted in November 2014.

IB homepage


Worked completed from July to December 2014. 

The Hague’s experimental scene (The Wire, 2015)

Published in April 2015. 

Inside Abbey Road with Google

Stepping Inside Abbey Road

Work completed in June 2014. 

Scofferlane – The 405, 2015

Conducted in May 2015.


Lekkernassûh for English speakers

Work completed in May 2015.

Rewire Festival review, The Wire

Rewire Festival (The Wire, 2015)

Published in July 2015. 

Pavement – The Secret History (The 405, 2015)

Published in August 2015.

Editing: Right to Copy #1

Published in November 2016.

The Wire, July 2017 cover

On Misha Mengelberg – The Wire, July 2017

Published in July 2015. In print, though you can order from The Wire’s website. From the piece: The whole event was typically eclectic, so it was hard not to consider Mengelberg: a musician that added a wryness to whatever he touched — as it moved from free jazz to swing; from cacophony to melody — […]

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