Story research

Everybody knows that the world’s oldest profession is prostitution, right?

The second, many argue, is storytelling — and as a researcher, I’ve seen that however good the story its narrative can fall apart quickly without proper investigation.

Like, for example, the story that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Lots of professions claim to be the oldest in the world, as you’ll find out with after a little research.

Research is key to successful – and accurate – storytelling. If you’re looking to turn your traffic data, company history or recent work into compelling content pieces, contact me for a list of free story ideas.

Case study: Inside Abbey Road

In April 2015, Google launched Inside Abbey Road — an interactive, Google Street View style tour of the famous recording studios.

Abbey Road Studios studio 1
I researched the content that became the story points users see in each studio.

You can listen to recordings made there, hear anecdotes from former sound engineers and, via some curated tours, learn about some of the innovations that make Abbey Road Studios so important to music history.

In June 2014, I worked for Stinkdigital to provide research for the stories and interest points that make up the project. During this time I presented historical facts, details on recordings, and ideas for the stories that make up the tour.

If you’d like an experienced researcher to help turn your information into compelling stories, get in touch.