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Content Strategist Needed? Why, sure I can help

I’ve around five years of experience as a content strategist, building on more than a decade in writing of various kinds.

You’ll find out more on my resume. But here’s a summary:

  • Conducted website re-launches, branding overhauls and frontend content strategy for various B2b and B2C organizations
  • Developed content workflows that worked efficiently across locations and timezones
  • Handled SEO, social media, email and web content
  • Created user personas, to which all content marketing was tied, at both major international companies and smaller firms
  • Worked closely with front end developers on user stories, technical requirements and feature development.

And a whole bunch of other tasks where a content strategist needed to provide perspective, input and expertise on target users’ content needs.

Because it’s not always clear whether a content strategist needed to be involved (or not) in a particular project – or how to defined what content strategy is – I’ve also written up my thoughts on the matter.

Check out ‘What is content strategy?’ In it, I discuss the difference between frontend and backend content strategy but also look at whether the role correlates with ‘traditional’ roles, like managing editor, used in other industries.

As you’d expect, Distilled also has a useful answer to the question.

But what *are* your favorite foods?

Ooooooo, well. I love anything from the Levant.  You can’t keep me away from a fattoush, or a good mujaddara. I’ve known to be near a qidra, too, though if I’m cooking it you’ll find seitan in place of the meat because I like to pretend I’m vegan.

(Did you know that seitan has been around since the 6th century? It was not invented by hipsters in 2010).

I love pasta alla puttanesca as well, and basically anything with broccoli. I went through a vegan mapo tofu phase, about five years ago, that writing this will likely rekindle.

I think that’s it. I think that’s all the food I like.

Oh and hummus. Hummus with a bag of salt ‘n’ vinegar Walker crisps. Classy.

I’m going to go now

I don’t blame you.  But do say hi before you go?