The Mindful Ledger: editing zen

Published in November 2018.


Banner Issue #1

Published in September 2011, and sold across London in various bookshops and the like, Banner issue #1 was co-created and co-edited by me and Sophie Bew.

I have about five copies left in print, if you’d like one. And you can still read it online but it’s a bit fiddly.

The concept for the magazine – of which there were two issues: I’m really proud of the second – was to connect in one place the various interesting things the interesting people we knew were doing, and for them to be able to focus on an area they were not necessarily known for at that time.

Here’s the front cover blurb.

This is the first issue of Banner, a biannual magazine which will tell you about, among other things, a Guatemalan coffee fincha run by ex-guerrillas, what could happen when you hold a Shell garage petrol pump to your ear, and the nature of a pilgrimage, from Tottenham to Hampstead, for milkshakes.

We’ve also got interviews with poets and filmmakers, a few good poems and stories, and an exclusive first chapter from the novel Homecoming.

Oh, and something to eat if you’re hungry.

It’s one of three magazines I’ve created and published. Banner issue #2 was a celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses; the final one was Right to Copy, a magazine exploring the relationship between art and copyright.