Every story is a never ending story

When does a story end (or begin) and how much control does its creator have over the answer?


Here, apparently, is a diary of everything I did in March 2016

During the period now known officially as ‘the proper big boy lockdown’ earlier this year, I decided to go through old files and do a bit of a clear out. Well, apparently in March 2016 I decided to try to log “what I see, hear, and read.”


Kentucky Route Zero: a Play, a Poem, a Game?

Once upon a time, I wrote some articles about games for my wonderful friend Jake. Today, I just downloaded the “TV edition” of one of my favourite pieces of art ever, ever, ever — and it reminded me that, in 2013, I once wrote something about it. Kentucky Route Zero (KRZ), the game in question, […]


‘Brook’ is a song I’ve tried to record 5,000 times since 2007

And now you can listen to another version of it! Wait what the fuck is this? Once upon a time, I thought I’d solve my problems by becoming a rock star. (I still think that.) But as the years have passed by and I’ve settled my sights on more achievable straw men (corporate management responsibilities, […]


Segal: a website relaunch story

Read about how, as one of the project leads on Segal’s digital re-launch project, I turned into a goals- and leads-driven website.


The Mindful Ledger: editing zen

Published in November 2018.


Looking for New York at the Lewis Family Holiday Show (2018)

December 23, 2018, New York City. The Sidewalk Cafe, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is right across from where Jeffrey Lewis grew up. He tells this to the crowd watching him in the small back room of the bar, the majority of that crowd being made up of his own family — his parents, brother, […]


‘Mary Queen of Scots’ Commits the Crime of Being Fiction

On December 26th I left Mary Queen of Scots feeling pretty chuffed. It wasn’t the best film I’d ever seen, sure, but it was beautifully shot, and its treatment of its two great symbols, and two women in power — the aforementioned Mary, and Queen Elizabeth I — was inspiring enough. And sure, it’s true […]


Doctor Who is a Woman and A Frog Talks and That is All Fine

Here follows a very personal Doctor Who season recap. Be warned. I might as well be chatting to my therapist.


The Kodak Horror Story and Other Observations

This being a review, of sorts, of ‘Kodak’ by Andrew Norman Wilson, given its world premiere atthis year’s New York Film Festival.

Purge Labs

May 2018 – August 2018.


What is a copywriter, these days?

What is a copywriter? Good question. Let’s explore.


February 2015 – October 2017.


November 2017 – May 2018.

What is content strategy?

To me, ‘content strategy’ is a new phrase for some older concepts, repackaged to meet the expectations of a new time. Which isn’t to say that it’s wearing the emperor’s new clothes – but I’m not sure that calling myself a content strategist now makes me different from calling myself a writer, copywriter, editor-in-chief, managing editor, or […]

On Misha Mengelberg – The Wire, July 2017

Published in July 2017. In print, though you can order from The Wire’s website. From the piece: The whole event was typically eclectic, so it was hard not to consider Mengelberg: a musician that added a wryness to whatever he touched — as it moved from free jazz to swing; from cacophony to melody — […]


Copywriting: some examples wot I did

Since 2009 I’ve written for a range of clients, for a range of projects. Aside from ‘pure’ copywriting, that’s covered SEO writing and UX writing. Some of my work is below. In each case I’ve written content to dramatically decrease users’ interaction cost. That is: to make everything so clear that a user knows exactly […]

UX writing: wtf is that?

Defined by Google as writers who “shape product experiences by crafting copy that helps users complete the task at hand”, UX writing is the art of producing microcopy and text for microinteractions such as error, confirmation and help messages. This is my favourite kind of writing and the hardest. If you’d like a free text review of your digital […]

Right to Copy #1

Published in November 2016.

Pavement – The Secret History (The 405, 2015)

Published in August 2015.

Rewire Festival (The Wire, 2015)

Published in July 2015. 

Lekkernassûh for English speakers

Work completed in May 2015.

Scofferlane – The 405, 2015

Conducted in May 2015.

Stepping Inside Abbey Road

Work completed in June 2014. 

The Hague’s experimental scene (The Wire, 2015)

Published in April 2015.

July 2014 –  December 2014. 

Jonny Greenwood and the LCO – Boiler Room, 2014

Conducted in November 2014.

Relaunching the Royal Free Hospital

Work completed from May to July 2014. 

A national report on UK education

Work completed from July – December 2013.

Sound for Fuselit’s ‘Contraption’

Published in the spring of 2012. 

Jonny Greenwood – The Quietus, 2014

Conducted in February 2014.

Ex-Easter Island Head – VICE, 2013

Conducted in December 2013.

Ex-Easter Island Head – The 405, 2012

Conducted in September 2012.

Banner issue #2

Published in June 2012.

Tinariwen – Don’t Panic, 2012

Conducted in April 2012.

Clark – Iradelphic (The Quietus, 2012)

Published in April 2012. 

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo – The Quietus, 2012

Conducted in March 2012.

Cypress Hill – The 405, 2012

Conducted in March 2012.

Lambchop – Mr M (The Quietus, 2012)

Published in February 2012. 

Patric DeWitt – The Sisters Brothers (The Literateur, 2011)

Published in November 2011. 

Yuri Landman – Don’t Panic, 2012

Conducted in October 2011.

Alan Howarth – The 405, 2011

Conducted in September 2011.


Banner Issue #1

Published in September 2011, and sold across London in various bookshops and the like, Banner issue #1 was co-created and co-edited by me and Sophie Bew.

Seams – Don’t Panic, 2011

Conducted in August 2011.

Son Lux – We Are Rising (The 405, 2011)

Published in August 2011. 

Claude Simon – The Flanders Road (The Literateur, 2011)

Published in March 2010.