September 2021 – May 2022.

One of the largest providers of public sector retirement plans in the U.S., MissionSquare came to the Modus team with the express desire to generate more traffic and, ultimately, more leads. 

They’re an interesting client: large, lots of expertise at their disposal, and with a great reputation in their space. But also lacking in content that converts, content that can be marketed, and content that can draw in buyers who aren’t aware of the MissionSquare brand. 

What work did you do?

MissionSquare asked us to develop a content strategy designed to drive awareness and increase site traffic.

Working with our SEO Manager, I developed a content plan and content calendar for a range of new acquisition content on MissionSquare’s website. Together, along with our Product Manager, we developed an editorial process to get that content briefed, written and published.

I also set UX strategy for the project, making information architecture and content design recommendations for the overall website experience.

I’m confident that our approach will not only lead to significant traffic increases but an increase in quality leads as well.

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