July 2018 –  May 2021. 

Segal is a benefits and HR consulting firm with hundreds of thousands of annual users and clients across America.

I led digital strategy for the organization, setting pririties for UX and digital marketing. As well as managing Segal’s CMS and its content team, I ran UX projects and content marketing programs designed to generate leads across the website, email and social media.

The website relaunch

As Digital Content Strategist I led the re-launch of Segal’s website. This included content audits, developing SEO strategy, implementing 301 re-directs, creating a new information architecture (IA) and running a year-long project covering content, UX design, branding and development.

I also managed the day-to-day production of content for both UX and content marketing purposes, focused on both acquisition and retention.

Managing digital strategy

Following the website re-launch, I was promoted to Director of Digital Strategy for my efforts.

In my Directorship I implemented Segal’s first end-to-end workflow for digital, product managing the creation of new features for and ensuring that the content team had a steady pipeline of both acquisition- and retention-focused content.

I also led the creation of the organization’s first UX test plan, encompassing user tests and A/B testing for both user experience and conversion rate optimization.

Last, I was responsible for educating the wider organization on the benefits of digital strategy, UX and content marketing. I regularly presented to executives on the digital team’s results, focusing roundtable conversations on the goals and KPIs I had set for the team.

Getting results

As a result of my work, Segal saw:

  • Increased sales qualified leads
  • Doubled thought leadership downloads every year
  • Increased clickthrough rates and click-to-open rates in email over the same period
  • Drastically improved LinkedIn clickthrough rates in 2019, 2020 and 2021

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