Purge Labs

May 2018 – August 2018.

Purge Labs is a highly regarded manufacturer of extraction equipment, currently mostly for cannabis.

Its aim was to:

  • strengthen its core brand
  • generate business in other markets (such as food)
  • showcase its position as a consultant as well as a producer

Redeveloping the Purge Labs website

Working as part of a Mile End project team, I helped to:

  • clarify the needs of Purge Labs existing and prospective customers
  • develop a brand tone of voice (TOV) for use across media, from social to print
  • create and launch the new Purge Labs website

But what did *you* do, specifically?

I acted as Purge Labs’ content strategist. This means that I:

  • created user personas, based on extensive research, for those existing and prospective customers
  • developed a new site information architecture (IA), to cater to those users’ needs
  • led several rounds of content prototyping, to develop the brand TOV
  • consulted with Mile End’s marketers and designers to develop the site’s wireframes
  • wrote the content you see today at

The end result is now live. And I’m very proud of it.