February 2015 – October 2017.

For eighteen months I worked with one other content specialist to embed user personas, develop company tone of voice, and improve automation on Albelli’s websites.

Albelli Photo books page
Part of the photo books page, which I wrote.

It was tough. Albelli started in the early 21st century as a Dutch B2B provider of personalized photo products; by the time I started, it was a B2C company with seven vendors that was growing very, very rapidly.

It had grown without the need for consistent tone of voice, widely adopted user personas, or well-defined customer journeys.

bonusprint app
I also took apps in a new direction.

But I, and other people, did plenty of good work. In November 2016 the company came under one brand identity (read about it, if you like) and I used this as an opportunity to push for greater consistency, more ambitious content, and better-defined UX goals.

All of these things we did, along with some amazing UX designers, writers, and developers.

So what did you achieve?

Phew, you ask the difficult questions.

During my eighteen months at Albelli, I:

  • Helped the brand and design team to design for a singular customer persona
  • Worked with product owners to develop a new voice for Albelli’s software across its smartphone app, downloadable editors and online editors
  • Completely redesigned Albelli’s product content, collaborating with a stellar UX designer
  • Worked with the website’s product owner to begin a process of automation for better internal working. This also led to good first steps in automating content personalization for users

Ask me about it, if you like.