The IB

July 2014 –  December 2014. 

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is studied by more than one million young people across the world, with IB schools employing more than 70,000 educators. Within its industry it has a strong reputation, with plenty of room for growth in market share.

However, the IB website did not clearly communicate what the IB does, what it stands for and how it can benefit schools, teachers, students and those student’s parents. As a result, it lacked calls to action and points for customer conversion.

See the website.

The old website:

  • was difficult to navigate, without a logical information architecture
  • did not clearly define its audience, and therefore the value of its products
  • had no central editorial control, meaning that information was inaccurate, sometimes irrelevant and without a consistent tone or style

What did you do?

Over six months I either wrote or directed the rewriting of close to 150 webpages, according to a new information architecture that I developed and that clearly defined both the IB’s key audience groups and the division of its products.

I re-focused the website’s content strongly on what the IB offers and wrote for an audience that had no prior knowledge of the IB, stripping the website of internal jargon.

As a result, the new IB website:

  • Clearly explains that the IB offers education programmes for students and professional development for teachers, as well as their benefits
  • Has more than doubled leads for schools interested in the IB

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