The Royal Free Hospital

Work completed from May to July 2014. See the website.

Royal Free Hospital, in London, is part of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). It’s one of the most famous hospitals in the country.

The old Royal Free Hospital website was:

  • Written for healthcare professionals, not the public.
  • Had poor navigation, making it hard to find relevant information.
  • Was not well-optimised for search engines.

The foundation which operates the Royal Free also acquired two further hospitals: Chase Farm Hospital and Barnet Hospital.

For the new website to be successful, therefore, re-branding was required in both design and messaging.

Summary of work

On behalf of Verve Communications, I worked in a team of two to re-write the website.

As a result of my work, the Royal Free website now has:

  • short, simple pages with effective signposting through headers
  • search-engine optimised content that drives traffic to key medical services
  • a website which incorporates the previously inconsistent tone of Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital.