Segal: a website relaunch story

Read about how, as one of the project leads on Segal’s digital re-launch project, I turned into a goals- and leads-driven website.

October 2019 – January 2020.

I’m currently in permanent employment at Segal, as the company’s first digital content strategist. Among other things, I was a key project member in the launch of the organization’s first new website in several years, which coincided with a major re-brand.

I’ll fill this in when I’m less tired. But compared with the old Segal website(s) I think the new one is brilliant and I’m proud of the work I did to make it happen.

Check out the post-2019 Segal website.

What did you do in the project?

You meant what didn’t I do!? Nah, I’m kidding.

Primarily, I was responsible for:

  • Developing a new information architecture, along with our partner Orbit Media
  • Building on the partner’s recommendations for search engine optimization
  • Consulting on wireframes, designs and more
  • Writing the services and industry content, among other pages
  • Working closely with stakeholders across Segal, from the C-Suite down, to help them understand the need for change and educate them about the site’s core goals moving forward
  • Managing internal team members in migrating older content from the prior Segal site, plus two other Segal subsidiaries.

There’s some other stuff. Like I said before, I’ll do this properly when I’m not tired.

Mainly, though, I used the re-launch as a motivating factor to get the company talking about KPIs for digital marketing. I had created and attempted to embed four core digital content marketing goals in 2019, to some success (and we hit them); in 2020, we’re actively talking about those goals regularly with senior leadership.

Which is very nice.