UX writing: wtf is that?

Defined by Google as writers who “shape product experiences by crafting copy that helps users complete the task at hand”, UX writing is the art of producing microcopy and text for microinteractions such as error, confirmation and help messages.

This is my favourite kind of writing and the hardest. If you’d like a free text review of your digital product, get in touch.

Case study: Albelli

From February 2016 to October 2017, I worked as Web Content Specialist at Albelli, an e-commerce company with two desktop apps, an online app, a smartphone app and a tablet app.

While writing all the copy for these, I took the opportunity to align messaging across apps and to slowly move the tone of voice from technical into conversational language.

I’m not allowed to give the figures (damn contracts) but, since its launch in February 2016, the smartphone app is doing very well indeed.

If you’d like to improve sales through your apps or improve your website microcopy, contact me.