Scofferlane – The 405, 2015

Conducted in May 2015. Read the full article.

From the piece:

I’m interested in why you choose to sing in English.

“You see, people from the US or the EU are used to thinking that Russian musicians have to surprise the world with their exotic national culture. But I don’t know any exotic Russian culture. Even Russians want to believe in the existence of their unique culture. But I don’t see it clearly.

“I don’t believe you’d like to watch us performing dressed in felt boots, kokoshniks, and quilted jackets, playing on balalaika shaped guitars, singing Russian folk songs.”

Would you describe yourselves as punk?

Well, I think yes. But not as a musical style. Our music is more complicated and includes many styles and Influences.

In what way is Scofferlane punk? Politically?

Well… It’s just one part of our music. I agree with Kurt Cobain: “Punk is musical freedom. It is saying, doing and playing what you want.”

As for politics, we’ve consciously placed Rebellion between social degradation, despair, and sex. That’s how we feel now and there’s nothing left to say about politics in my country. Everything’s clear to us now – it’s only getting worse.

But we’ve got a couple of so called political tracks: ‘Veto’, dedicated to elections, and ‘Mr. Dwarf Man’, dedicated to our beloved president, whose name cannot be spoken…

Do you play outside of Russia much?

Not much. It depends on many factors, such as the visa regime, the ruble… it’s twice as expensive for Russians to travel outside our country now. Common people pay for their government’s policy as usual.