Banner issue #2

Published in June 2012.

Banner was a magazine, of which there were only two issues in the end, that I put together with my good friend (and now esteemed editor) Sophie Bew.

Ulysses magazine Banner issue 2

The concept for the second issue was simple.

Ulysses, the novel by James Joyce, had entered the public domain.

So we were going to invite responses to it.

Here’s the blurb:

Ulysses is free. Enclosed here are some results of that: Emmy the Great’s musical guide to bluffing the book, plus the BBC’s Jeremy Mortimer on his upcoming radio dramatisation of the novel, Steven Cole on putting it out over Twitter, and some intriguing uses for intestines.

We’ve also got an interview with the creator of a graphic novel based on this VERY graphic novel, some strange pictures, and perhaps most usefully, some reasons why you don’t even need to finish reading something (including Banner?) to enjoy it.

I’m seriously proud of the final product, looking back. And you can read the whole thing online.

Here’s the whole issue

Precedents and antecedents

My inspiration for the theme came from my Master’s degree thesis [9.5MB] , which looked at Ulysses, intellectual property and the snobbery of academia (I spose).

Banner #2, and the article I wrote for it, also solidified my thinking for long enough to launch Right to Copy some five years later.

Cool mag. got more?

Why yes. Contact me for a charming discussion.