Son Lux – We Are Rising (The 405, 2011)

Published in August 2011. Read the full article.

From the piece:

“Play” is a word that aptly describes We Are Rising. Theatrical and frequently performative – it feels like certain tracks were designed as mechanisms for different personalities through which the handle “Son Lux” could operate – the album seems often to deal in movements of a kind, with ‘Flowers’ alternating between mysterious quiet and overly expressive set-pieces and ‘Let Go’, with it’s combination of fast and frantic flutes, clarinets and string trios, masterfully rekindling the tone of ‘Flickers’. In a way, though it’s different in style, it shares its D.N.A with Sufjan Stevens’ The Age of Adz: like the Stevens album, We Are Rising is coherent, themed, comprehensive, and expansive, and it feels like an “entity” rather than a simple collection of tracks.

That unity is a real strength. We Are Rising is a genuinely impressive album; there isn’t a weak track, it’s well arranged, recorded and mixed, the songs are beautifully composed, and the players are expressive and stylish. And Lott wrote and recorded the whole thing in a month; February, the shortest month, at that. The achievement is almost depressing.

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